Kastner Garage Sessions

As a truly entrepreneurial agency Kastner & Partners LA doubles as a vintage car dealership
right on the bottom floor of our office. To enhance this unique feature and
reinvigorate our agency culture around music I created Kastner Garage Sessions.

Kastner Garage Sessions is a concert series and creative showcase coming live from our very own Kastner's Garage. Through this series we feature rising artists to showcase their work in a small intimate setting. At every session we open our garage doors to the public and stream through Facebook live for all to enjoy.

Short Stories

Logo Designs

Minorities in Advertising

Minorities in Advertising is a student organization founded by myself, dedicated to promoting diversity within the advertising major on campus
at The University of Texas and the industry as a whole.

Hip Hop Couture

Hip Hop Couture is a fashion student organization at The University of Texas that sets out to bring the swag back into fashion.
Hip Hop Couture’s goal is to showcase up and comnig designers and models that break the mold.
Every fashion show is an Black cultural experience from the fashion to the music. 

Curls on Campus

Curls on Campus is a student organization designed to promote and assist
Black female students transitioning embracing thier natural hair.

First Degree Media

First Degree Media is a student photography business run by Darnell Porter.