The Doodle Method

The Dooodle Method is a comedy series about my girl Lindsay Connor, life coach extraordinaire!
With her bag of Cheez Doodles in hand she’s spreading her “snack-based-life-guidance-threoy” to help everybody live young .


Food Truck Chronicles

Wouldn't you like your favorite food truck flavors at your cravings convenience?

To garner awareness around Wise Snacks unique Food Truck Favorites Potato Chip flavors we created a short animated series called Food Truck Chronicles.
Food Truck Chronicles follows our hero character Chipsy Hustle as he seeks out real food trucks to give them a chip deal courtesy of Wise Potato Chips. 



When a new chip flavor comes out, the first thing people what to know is, “What does it taste like?” 
So, to promote our unique Food Truck Favorites chip flavors we created short quirky cooking videos to call out all of the flavors your can really tast in our chips.